To complement the custom-made materials at their Tyson's Corner location, Founding Farmers commissioned us to make some plaques for the artists that contributed. They wanted to have a thick (1/2") piece with a brushed brass face, die-cut in hexagonal shapes. Each piece was to have small but readable text; after much back and forth, and in order to keep costs down, we came up with a plan.

Clear adhesive vinyl prints

Engraving the text on the brass was out of their budget, so we devised an alternative: print all the black text onto clear adhesive vinyl, then apply those decals to 1/16" thick brushed brass "blanks". Each blank would then be bonded to die-cut pieces of 1/2" black PVC plastic.

The prints, applied to the brass faces

To make the installation easier, we plan on mounting the black PVC to the walls first, then bonding the faces to them on-site.

The finished product looks great, and we can't wait to get them up on the walls!

Final piece, ready for installation.