Bold Bite, located in Bethesda, recently moved into a larger space down the street from their previous location. Due to the amount of large street-facing windows, they wanted to do something, well, bold. They came up with the idea of spelling out "BOLDBITE" across the windows, with one letter in each window pane.

Due to the sheer size of each letter, we suggested using perforated vinyl, which would allow for viewing of the graphic from the outside of the space, while still allowing customers to see "through" the vinyl from the inside. This effect is technically a sort of optical illusion: When looking at the printed surface from the outside, the increased lighting (during the day) lends to the printed graphic being more visible than the inside of the store. The vinyl is a solid black on the adhesive side, so your brain will typically "ignore" the uniform black, making the outside scene more prominent.

Bold Bite was more than happy with the optical effect, and the end result is very bold graphic lettering for a storefront, making them stand out from the competition.