We're no strangers to "special projects" here at Next Day Sign Express; a lot of what we do involves outside-the-box thinking, requiring arts and crafts skills. In November of last year, we got a special request that took us by surprise: making a faux leather, large-format "book" made of sheets of coroplast (corrugated plastic). The customer brought in their pre-cut sheets of coroplast and asked what we could do.

We brainstormed for a little while and figured out an angle that we thought would work. We suggested getting a roll of faux leather material, which we would glue to the front and back of the "book", and then "bind" it all together with zipties through grommets. Oh, did we mention that the final book would be about 48" tall?

2017-11-06 16.39.09.JPG

We were't 100% sure our plan would work, but we tackled it nonetheless. We cut off some of the leather, used a spray glue, and applied the material to the coroplast. Using heavy weights on top of the leather, we waited until the glue set before proceeding to apply a large printed vinyl logo to the front cover.

Finally, we grommeted all the sheets and ran zipties through them, effectively "binding" the book. We can't imagine how hard it is to physically open the book, but the customer left very happy!

2017-11-06 17.08.13.JPG
2017-11-07 10.14.23.JPG