The owners of Meridian Pint in downtown Washington, DC approached us with a project for a new restaurant, Dominion Pint. We had previously worked with them and the artists from Cielo Productions on large vinyl applications at Meridian Pint, and they wanted to work with us again.

To obscure the interior space during construction, they tasked us with printing large graphics on perforated vinyl. The perforation allows sunlight to enter the space, as well as affording those who are inside the ability to see “through” the printed material. When viewed from the outside, the eye will grab on to the printed image, and cannot see the inside of the space. (This effect is reversed at after sunset, as the interior space is more lit than the outside space.)

Close-up of the printed surface of the perforated vinyl.

The view from the inside. Note the seams, indication the overlap of two panels.

Cielo gave us their art files, and we made sure the final print sizes were correct. Some of the windows were large enough that required more than one panel to cover, so seams were necessary. The end result is a branded space that lets the community know that a great restaurant is coming soon!